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The healthcare world is becoming increasingly complex and challenging, and recovering Patient Balances is even more difficult with rising cost, higher deductibes & co-pays. As a trusted partner in self-pay receivables management, we collaborate with your team and continually improve our processes to ensure our clients and their patients are receiving the best financial care.

We are committed to responsive, thorough communication that builds trust and confidence. For over 23 years, patients have received first-class, compassionate service through our Patient Contact Center, a variety of 24/7 payment conveniences, facility distinction, automation and e-services. Resulting in robust recoveries, strong patient retention and a highly-satisfied clientele. We offer peace of mind, that caring for your Patient's continues through the post-care billing process. We only succeed if your Patients do.

Take Your Patient Balances to the Next Level

Explore Our Recovery Solutions

Short staffed or high turn-over? No one to answer or make calls? Statements not getting out? Don't have 24/7 payment and e-bill options? Don't have extended business hours? Need 501r and PCI compliance? To many accounts going to collections? Are Patients getting frustrated?

Need more time for Patient Balances? We can help manage EHR Legacy Systems, Facility Closures & Mergers, Unsettled & Past Due Accounts, Settlement Campaigns, Small Balance and Ad Hoc recoveries.  Lowering your days in AR, reducing bad debt and collecting fees.

As an extension of your billing office, our AR Attendants are here to assist your patients with all their financial inquiries, process payments & setting up payment plans, assisting with financial forms, scheduling appointments, accessing systems and more.

Don't have the time or the recources? A  growing back log of to do's collecting dust? We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions that help best describe our extended business services, on-boarding process, self-pay tool suites, distinctions and more.

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Patient First, Increase Recoveries, Caring Continues, Reduce Fees...and so Much More!


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