Self-Pay Receivables

AR Billing Services is a call center business management solutions provider, specializing in the recovery of non-default medical self-pay receivables. We can manage the self-pay portion of your revenue cycle management, from day 1 until account resolution! Along with years of experience we deliver this service based on the ability to implement our integrated technologies and proven methodology.


Improved cash flow

Call Center

Our call center billing representatives pursue account resolution as you would expect from your own staff; with professional respect for your patients and the highest integrity of service.  Our professional call center provides all the modern day recovery technologies Including our most valued specialized billing representatives, ringless voice messaging, text reminders,  unattended IVR solutions that are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Increase recoveries


Securing payments is what billing is all about! We offer your guarantors every possible option to pay: 24/7 mobile IVR & online e-services, recurring payment plans, live interaction with a representative, and traditional lockbox services. Guarantors can choose text reminder options, paperless billing and more. We accept ACH/EFT and all major credit cards. Our integrated solutions give your Patients all the tools they need to efficiently manage their payment obligations.

Pre+Collect PLUS℠

Engaging patients who have missed their payment obligations can be a daunting task. Early delinquent AR intervention is a critical piece to your overall strategy. Timely follow-up will minimize your losses and prevent accounts from going to a debt collection agency, thus saving you money and your patient's future credit. Pre+Collect PLUS℠ is designed to take a fresh new approach to your delinquent accounts and minimize your bad-debt write-offs.





Pre+Collect PLUS℠
AR Delinquency Intervention


You already know that AR Billing Services excels in full service early-out programs. But did you know that we also offer pre-collect, debt-mitigation strategies designed to save your delinquencies before they reach a default status? We recognize that full service early-out is not always the right answer for every facility. Many of our clients have a strong early billing cycle in place but are frustrated with the amount of dollars that fall into a bad debt status.

Pre+Collect PLUS℠ is designed to reduce your bad debt write-offs while saving your patients the stigma of being placed with a debt collection agency. This is obviously good for your patient, and even better for you: you get a balance resolved at a cost nearly half of what a collection agency is likely to charge and more importantly, you save a valuable customer relationship! For accounts that do reach a default status, we can either return the account to you or manage placement to a collection agency of your choice.

• 60-90 day programs designed to mitigate bad debt write-off and preserve patient relationship
• Automated voicemail delivery, outgoing call campaigns
• Email and TEXT messaging services
• Debt Collection placement and management available for defaults (your choice of agency)

AR Billing Services is not a debt collection agency. We do not credit report, nor do we litigate. We specialize in non-default, medical self-pay receivables by offering professional account resolution management with our friendly call center technicians. We give your patient every means to remit, including online and IVR payment options, and we are fully compliant with HIPAA and 501(r).



Next-generation Payment Solutions

Makes it easy to pay where patients are, with any device they have,
at the time they prefer.



Medical self-pay financial responsibilities can reach a wide range of guarantors. A Pew research in 2015 advises that over 90% of adult patients own a mobile phone. Today, that number likely approaches 100! Our payment solutions deliver ease of availability, that provide solutions for guarantors of all generations. We offer your patients every possible option to pay: 24/7 mobile IVR & online e-services, recurring payment plans, live interaction with a representative, and traditional postal services. Patients can choose text reminder options, paperless billing and more. We accept ACH/EFT and all major credit cards. Our integrated solutions give your patients all the tools they need to efficiently manage their payment obligations, all at the palm of their hands.

All our payment solutions are integrated with our main line billing services, any one of our payment solutions can be implemented as a stand-alone (or combination of) option added to your business office. Free of charge we implement your AR in to our already integrated proven solutions, provide your consumers with all the modern day and traditional payment options while saving you thousands on vendor fees, administrative cost, materials and much more.


Self-Service Portals

More than half of bills in America are paid online; your guarantors can use our easy-to-use Self-Service Portals to manage their billing accounts online including: making payments, setting up promise to pay arrangements, view payment history, update contact information and more. Now available in both English and Spanish.


 Interactive Voice Response - Internet down? No WIFI? It's 3:00am? IVR provides the same benefits as online portals and Agent Assisted calls. Handled quickly and effectively by providing; payment options, balance information, due dates, payment history and more in both English and Spanish.

By phone

On average, 60% of patients still prefer a mailed statement. Impactful, fully customizable patient friendly statements can be a key, perhaps still the most important element in increasing your recovories, convey important information and provide assistance directly to your patients.

By mail

After requesting eStatements and going through a simple verification process, patients can now receive their billing statement and messages from us electronically in a method even more secure than standard mailing. Patients can verify who they are, view their statement and make a payment all in just a few clicks.

Agent Assisted Calls

Get faster, easier, more powerful AR workflows, maximize revenue, and benefit from our professional call center representatives. Our skillful representatives will provide quality, effective, muti-level professional account resolution.


Local representatives
  Auto Pay

Auto-payments provide your patients the ability to set up reliable, recurring payment plans; which enables them to control when and how to make future payments based on our client's repayment cycle models and collection rules.


Contract monitoring
 Ringless Messaging

We utilize technology that allows us to leave messages on your patients' cell phones, WITHOUT ever ringing the phone. The patient is not interrupted, the message is received, and now the patient can respond at their convenience and with foresight, leading to quicker account resolution.

Lock box

All postal payments may be directed to our secure lockbox, depending on your project requirements. All mailed in payments will be processed at our local facility and cash remitted to AR Billing Services is kept in a secure escrow account.




Professional staffing



Limited human resources? Becoming increasingly difficult to keep the phone line covered? Direct entire departments to our local call center and we can act as your first contact attendant. Accounts under contract and in our database will be immediately serviced and all other calls will be managed according to your guidelines or directed to departments or individuals you designate. While this tool is integrated with our main line services, ARattendant can be a stand alone addition to your business office that can provide reception service where resources are limited and can be an excellent tool to manage the retirement of a legacy system. In addition our team has extensive experience in a wide-range of Practice Management Systems including, but not limited to: EPIC, Vision, eClinicalworks, Meditech, CPSI, Affinity, Cerner, Kareo and FACS.

ARattendant provides all the modern day technologies Including; our knowlegable billing representatives, ringless voice messages, text reminders and unattended IVR solutions available in both english and spanish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Compliance & Security

Trusted environment



In today's cyber world, it should be expected (not sold) that we demonstrate adequate controls and safeguards while hosting and processing data that belongs to our valued clients and their customers.

The security of your Patient's personal and financial data is of the highest concern. Our data security procedures include guidelines set by HIPAA and the Payment Card Industry (PCI). AR Billing Services is properly bonded and is compliant with all Federal and State Laws. Our work standards, controls, and procedures have been audited by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm using auditing standards instituted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

In addition we conduct: thorough background checks on all employees, restricted access to facilities, 24/7 video monitoring of the premises, paper-less environment, drug testing, regularly test and educate staff on their responsibilities and keypad locked doors to limit access to sensitive internal areas. Access to systems and networks are controlled by user/pw combination in a restricted domain environment.

AR Billing Services follows stringent protocols in the transfer of customers’ financial and personal information. Encrypted data is sent and received via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), or other secure methods perferred by our clients. Our Payment and FTP hosting sites are protected by latest EV SSL security certificate from SECTIGO, today's world leader in cyber security (former Comodo). We can send encrypted emails and automate reporting with standard Microsoft 365 email encryption tools, allowing our clients to respond with the same level of encryption using a free service.

AR Billing Services BBB Business Review

AR Billing Service maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Strong Partners

Team work



We partner with world leaders in business technology and communications to deliver the best in services and solutions that work best for your business needs.




Claims Recovery Program

For a good cause



An estimated $125B is lost by healthcare systems each year due to underpaid claims. With up-front costs waived, Wellness Wishes’ Claims Recovery Program is the perfect, no-risk, way to easily and efficiently reclaim lost revenue for your healthcare system while generating much-needed funds for philanthropic endeavors!  All in 4 easy steps… #healthcare #claimsrecovery #paymentintegrityanalysis #lostrevenue #philanthropy!  Ask us about wellness Wishes and we'll get you started on the right path today! A percentage of the recoveries will go to benefiting a local charity.