Patient Contact Center

AR Attendant - Post-care Represenatives.

Patient Contact Center

With extended business hours, our AR Attendants act as an extention to your billing office(s). They are here to assist your patients with all their financial care, billing questions and often times just a friendly knowledgeable voice. Taking payments is the easy part, assisting with medical forms, researching or explaining charges, submitting request & disputes, putting out those fires, so you don't have to, is what our post-care representatives are all about.

Our buiness representatives can access healthcare systems and take payments, setup and monitor payment plans, update patient demographics and insurance information, add notes, request itemize billing, encourage and enroll Patients in paperless billing. Don't need all that, but the back log of phone calls are building up? Our representatives can direct calls, assist with questions, provide information and more.

AR Attendant services offers front line, patient contact services. Your department line is directed to our Ohio based Patient Contact Center and a specialized group handles calls according to your guidelines. This tool can provide reception service with extended hours, where resources have a high turn-over rate, and when it's limited during Business hours.

Our most in-demand Patient Contact Center Solutions:

  • AR Attendant
  • AR Attendant Business
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Payment Processing
  • Setup and admin Payment Plans
  • Assist with & Schedule Appointments
  • IVR and Ringless Messaging
  • Access EHR Sytems, Process Requests
  • Update Patient Demographics
  • Update Insurance Information
  • Data Entry & Patient Surveys
  • Processes and/or Assist with Forms
  • Email and Phone Campaigns

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