Extended Business Services

 Commonly Asked Questions

Is the tool suite offered with your self-pay recovery servcie be a stand-alone service?
Yes) Technology, security and compliance, can cost healthcare facilities in to the 10s of thousands yearly, if not more, to setup, keep current and admin.  Additional recources they would rather put towards Patient Care, their own equipment and staffing. Whether it's one service or a combination of, we can help you recover more, and recvoer it faster than ever before. Don't see what you need, call us, we'll customize it.

-Patient Contact Center, AR Attendant
-Payment Processing, Lock Box
-Custom Billing Statements, PDF Archiving
-Data or no-Data, IVR
-Integrated Web Payment Portal, Guest Payments
-Data Entry & Forms Assistance
-Simple Website & Hosting
-Messaging Service & Toll-Free Number
-Email Campaigns
-Ringless Voice Messaging

Why do you talk about the Patient Experience so much?
We focus entirely on the Patient Experience. Our mission is to prevent patient default, saving a patient the stigma of debt collection placement and preserving the relationship you have worked so hard to establish. Let us partner with you to ensure patient satisfaction and professional care continues seamlessly from point of service to final account resolution. An increasing number of healthcare providers’ executive teams and boards, identify Patient Experience, as the top priority.

How does your team impact the Patient Experience?
Our caring, professional service pleases our clients’ patients. Because we transparently represent our clients, this 5-star service creates a world-class, seamless patient experience.

What part of the billing cycle do you manage?
Our sole focus is managing all self-pay account requirements. Our team engages with your patient and handles all account inquiries, payment arrangements, financial questions within scoop or direct them to the department they need to speak to. Your billing team is freed up to focus on patient care, and insurance billing which is the bulk of your Revenue.

Can we use our current dunning cycle or would we need to use yours?
We can utilize your existing statement cycle, or customize our letters with client branding and track dunning through our system, or it can be a combination of both methods.  

How do you handle cash/mailed in payments?
Your patient mail-in remittances may be directed to your existing lockbox, or our team can post payments mailed to ours. Payments that are then deposited into a Trust account on your behalf, remitting ACH payments to you..

How does your self-pay services improve cash flow?
Our Experience, award winning Patient Contact Center, Optimization Tools and simple access to our 24/7/365 payment options gives every oportunity for patients to pay their balance obligations. Most importanly, self-pay balances being our sole focus, you can expect to get our best efforts to improved cash flow, and care for your patient's success.  There is no incentive, that we'll get that one on the backend (at a higher rate) in bad debt recoveries. Once the account leaves our office, we both lose revenue.

How does your self-pay recovery services help with staffing challenges?
One of the most challenging issues facing healthcare providers today is staffing. Not only do our solutions lighten the load for your billing team, our professional contact center, based solely in Ohio, can provide much-needed patient phone support and empathy. Our representatives are truly the all-stars here. Often answering questions that are well out of their scope, or job descriptions.

How can your Self-pay recovery services help us grow?
Improved cash flow and stronger patient retention increase revenues, which enables your facility to grow. The more services your facility can offer, the more revenue it can generate. With AR Billing Services professionally managing your self-pay inventory, you’ll have the confidence to expand your services, knowing your patients are receiving excellent care post-vist.

What tools are included in your Early Out and Pre+Collect Plus solutions?
All) Offering Outbound and Inbound calls, inventory and balance tracking off our own system, 24/7/365 payment options, AI payment arrangement technology, customized to your policy's. We use ringless voicemail technology, offer email, text alerts and traditional billing statements, customized reporting, client web access to near live account information and more. Our clients love all the tools available through our recovery solutions. Tools that save our clients thousands in yearly operational cost. 

What does your onboarding process look like for new clients?
Typical onboarding timeframe ranges between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on Self-Pay AR volume, project needs, your EHR system, and coordination with other vendors.

A project manager and onboarding team is assigned until the entire onboarding process is complete.

What EHR systems can you support?
Our team has experience with multiple EHR systems including Epic, Meditech, Medent, NextGen, CPSI, Kareo, eClinicalworks, Vision, Advantix, Cerner, Affinity, Healthland and more. Our system can import and export almost any file format.

How is AR Billing Services unique in the healthcare revenue cycle management space?
Our singular expertise is managing self-pay receivables and caring for the patient's experience. While we answer plenty of questions about insurance, coding, collections and assist Patients with those type of inquires the best we can, we do not bill insurance, and we do not recover bad debt.  

We do not report to credit bureaus; we do not litigate. Instead, we work with your patients to resolve their self-pay balances, answer questions and update account information.

Our contact center is highly responsive, earning excellent reviews from our clients’ patients. 

We can work within your dunning cycle or create customized statements, that can be sent by a secure text message, email or traditionally by mail. Our statement vendor will scrub Patient addresses for accuracy, errors and updates.

Our billing team regularly creates customized reports for our clients as well as contributing to patient information updates and process improvements. Reports that can be integrated to your system to update account information and patient demographics. Removing any manual processes other agencies might pass along.

Because of the top-quality patient experience, our clients love working with us. Their patients are highly satisfied with our support.

Are there additional billing services that AR Billing Services offers?
Yes) Nursing school? MCATs? Specialty servcies? Many of our clients have higher educational affilates, that require billing agencies for instistutional loan servicing and active campus balances. Through our student billing division American Education Assets (AEA), we can help. Call or visit today to learn more, amereduc.com.

What assurances can AR Billing Services offer in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Industry?
-SSAE Type II Audited
-Cyber Insurance
-24/7 Video Monitoring
-Paperless Environment
-Duo Authentication
-Encrypted Email & Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance and Training
-Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
-Fail-over Systems, Cloud Recovery, Redundancy
-All Calls Recorded