Who is AR Billing Services?

We service you as an extension of Highland District Hospital's Patient accounts billing department. Located in Powell Ohio, AR Billing Services has provided self-pay medical billing services for over 20 years. HDH place accounts with our offices when all financial adjustments and Insurance payments have been considered, leaving the remaining balance the Patients responsibility. We are here to assist you in any way we can. Accounts placed with AR Billing Services are in good standing, we are not a collection agency and we do not report to the credit bureau.

Contacts and Office Hours?

PH: +1 (877) 879-6613
FX: (614) 789-9190
EM: billing@arbilling.com

Bill Remit Address:
Highland District Hospital
1275 North High Street
Hillsboro, OH 45133

Business Hours:
Mon - Thr 8am - 7pm | Friday 8am - 5pm (EST)
24/7 e-Services and Voicemail box.

How much do I pay?

The general minimum monthly payment plan is the initial balance divided by 24 equal payments, or $25, whichever is greater. Your billing statement and the Patient Payment Portal will reflect your minimum monthly obligation. Please take notice: if you're not able to pay your balance in full, in order to remain in good standing you must setup an acceptable payment plan with the patient billing office. If you recieve a final notice it is important to contact us immediately.

What is my Access Code?

Your 'access code' or codes, to gain access to the patient payment portal, is referenced within the 'Pay Online' window on your billing statement. Not all statements will provide the access code, for example itemized statements. Subsequent notices (2nd, 3rd, final), and payment plan reminders will obtain the code. If you do not have a subsequent notice with the provided access code, please send reqeust to webhelp@arbilling.com. In order to receive a confirmation emailed request must include: the Patient's full legal name, account number and date of birth. Request that do not contain this information mayb be denied or delayed. You may also contact Patient Billing to obtain your access code or you can fill out this Access Code Request Form and have the code sent to a private email address. The access code is no longer valid if the self-pay account becomes inactive. Inactive could mean, but not limit to, the account has been paid in full, timed-out due to delinquency status or returned to insurance billing for review.

How will my payments appear on my bank statement?

Payments made with AR Billing Services will show on your statement as a payment made to AR Billing Services.

I have 3 billing accounts, can I make one monthly payment for all?

Yes, Patient's with multiple self-pay billing accounts can combine the balances of those accounts into one payment plan.

Is there a fee to use AR Billing Services's payment services?

Pay by Check payments will be free of charge with all our payment services, online, by phone or by mail.

A $3.50 card processing fee may be applied to a Credit/Debit card payment with all our payment services, online, by phone or by mail. Where card processing fees are prohibited by State law or Statute the fee is waived.

I can't find my eStatement in my inbox?

If you can't find your eStatement in your inbox please check your junk or spam folder. Your email provider's security may flag the initial email as spam because it's delivered from an automated message system.

What happens if I can't make my Payments?

If you are not able to meet your minimal financial obligation when due, contact us immediately for assistance. Depending on your situation, financial assistance or longer-term payment plans may be available.