Patient Payment Portal

Payments, Balance, History

Patients and guarantors can use this portal to manage account(s) online, including; making payments, setting up payment arrangements, view payment history, current balance information, update contact information and more.

What do I need to gain access?
1. Access Code (referenced on your billing statement)
2. Patient's Last Name
3. Patient's 5 Digit Zip Code

Don't have an Access Code?
If you do not have a statement with the provided Access Code, you can request one by filling out an access code request form, or by emailing, email request must include:

1. Patient's Full Legal Name
2. Account Number (refereced top-right of your billing statement)
3. Patient's Date of Birth

Guest Payments

Quick, Simple, Secure

Patients and guarantors can access guest payments (login not required) to make one-time or balance in full payments by credit/debit card or with a checking account.

Please allow up to, but not limited to 3-7 days for you payment and balance information to be reflected on your account.

What do I need to submit a guest payment?

1. Account Number (top-right of your billing statement)
2. Patient and Billing Information
3. Checking Account or Debit/Credit Card