Consider a Debt Amnesty Program this Tax Season.

How can Tax Season help you enhance your Patient Experience? Lee discusses options you may wish to consider this tax season that are win-win for you and your patients.

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What is your End Game?

Are you doing enough during your patient self-pay billing cycle? Lee discusses the importance of leaving a good final impression; patient outreach is critical! What is your ENDGAME?

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President, AR Billing Services

First-Class Patient Experience and a word from the President at AR Billing Services. Let’s talk about what your goals are, where you hope to be and how we might be able to help you get there.

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Where Patient Experience All Begins

It was an accident! That phrase has never been attributed to world-class Patient Experience or Customer Experience. It always happens by design. But doesn’t that make sense?

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Patient Experience Video Series

The team here at AR Billing Services is so excited to announce our weekly video series on the Patient Experience! Each video will always be around 3-4 minutes, sharing insight, research, published authors, experts and personal experiences.

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