Pre+Collect PLUS

Self-pay Default Prevention Strategies


Default Prevention...Reduce Fees

Pre+Collect PLUS is a debt-mitigation and prevention strategy designed to save your delinquencies before they reach a default status. We recognize that full service early-out is not always the right answer for every facility. Many of our clients have a strong early billing cycle in place but are frustrated with the amount of dollars that fall into a bad debt status.

Engaging patients who have missed their payment obligations can be a daunting task. Early delinquent AR intervention is a critical piece to your overall strategy. Timely follow-up will minimize your losses and prevent accounts from going to a debt collection agency, thus saving you money and your patient's future credit.

Pre+Collect PLUS is designed to take a fresh new approach to your past-due self-pay accounts. You have worked hard to give your patients incredible medical care; it is our honor to continue that care through the billing experience, preserving your patient relationship.

Timely follow-up can drive your recoveries:

  • 30, 60, and 90 Day Programs
  • Legacy Systems Management
  • Settlement Campaigns
  • Payment Automation
  • Integrated & Guest Portals
  • Text & Ringless Voice Messages
  • Patient Contact Center & IVR
  • Automated Collections Placement
  • Traditional & e-Bill
  • Custom & Ad Hoc Reporting

Default Prevention Strategies

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